Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Date Night(s)


We had two date nights in a row!!!  Wha...What?!!
On Friday night, we dropped off little Charlie at Grandma and Grandpa's condo downtown.  We then walked to dinner and walked another 5 minutes to the Fox Theater!  We saw "Anna and the King" and it was fabulous!  I love musicals and I have been listening/singing along to the music of this play for many years so it was great to see the actual show.  To have live music and live performers is something I will always love!  
Saturday our good friends in the ward, John and Emily Phillips invited us out to sushi.  They used to be Charlie's YSA advisors back when he was single and they just love him!  Charlie also home teaches their family so we have gotten to know them pretty well.  In fact, during the last season of The Bachelorette, Emily invited me over each week to watch the episodes with her girls!  Anyways, back to sushi, we haven't gone out to sushi in a long time and it was nice to try a new place.  The Phillip kids watched little Charlie and they did a great job!  We all ordered our own rolls but shared and I think everyone liked mine the best... Salmon tempura roll!  It was priced very reasonably and we ended up spending less than going to a chain restaurant like Chiles or Mac Grill!   Let's see when the next time we have 2 date nights in a row... perhaps a few years!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

I admit...

I bought my first ever Scentsy wax and warmer! I never really liked the whole idea of it because I love my candles from anthropology and the ambiance that comes from a lit candle. After a great scentsy party at my friend Jenny Wood's house, I fell in love. And I fell in love with this wax warmer! It's called heirloom. I chose a nice, might I add strong scent to melt. It's called mocha doodle and it smells like the candle my mom lit in our home when I was in high school called German streusel cake from Salt Lake candles. Mmm it smells so good and reminds me of my momma!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day weekend

Holy smokes, we had a BUSY Labor Day weekend!!  Before I forget, did you see my little munchkin in those photos of him sleeping and waking up?!!  I just want to eat those cheeks!  It's all he has left of being a baby, and I love it!
It all started on Thursday when me and little Char drove with Leanna and Ernesto to Birmingham, Alabama for a quick visit.  We got to see my two older brothers Luke and Karl!!  We had so much fun that night, so many laughs and really just a good time!  I ordered my first steak EVER!  I only got a 6oz. and I still didn't eat it all but it was good.  No regrets!  We played games that night as we watched the Republican National Convention... so great!
When we drove back to Georgia we found out my niece and nephew from New Orleans evacuated and needed a place to stay for the weekend due to Hurricane Isaiac.  They stayed at our place and luckily my SIL Reba was there to help too!  
For Labor Day, we had big plans to go to Acworth Beach but it was overcast and raining/sprinkling so we headed to Atlanta for a fun day.  We explored Grandma and Grandpas amenities at their building and just hung out at the condo downtown.  The adults minus Grandpa Charles headed to Atlantic Station to watch Dark Knight Rises for our 2nd time!!  We loved it!  Although the weekend didn't go as planned, we still had a good time and loved having family in town!

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