Thursday, July 31, 2014

The definition of Southern charm

Today was a good day. Just a typical day basking in Southern charm!  Reba and David are visiting from Paris, France and I have been dying to tour the Latta plantation just minutes from our doorstep. It was the perfect excuse to head to Latta with our Frenchies in tow.

While touring the plantation I took a minute to soak up the beauty around me. It honestly just dawned on me that I live in CHARLOTTE, North Carloina. I grew up in sunny, dry California and all of sudden I was in a lush green and vibrant city in the South where plantations are right around the corner. When and how did this happen?! 
More than anything, I enjoyed every minute being with family. Whenever I get together with Charlie's family, I know it will be a good time full of laughs and even more laughs. Put that together with a French accent and I give you Reba and David! Hopefully we can visit them in the near future, except we will be touring old castles and the Eiffel Tower!


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