Wednesday, June 25, 2008

flamin' HOT cheetos

So, I've been working at a preschool here in Irvine and it's been great. for the time being I am working with the older kids and I had a surprise end of the year party for them with nothing but their FAVORITE chips... flamin' HOT cheetos and much, much more. I really didn't eat that much, not as much as the kids, and I thought I was fine.
well, that night i stayed up (did I mention Charlie did too) all night throwing up and waiting till i had to throw up again. It didn't stop, and I felt like i was going to die. Poor little Charlie stayed home from work (such a good hubbie) and he nursed me back to health. I really don't think I would have gotten better so quickly if he hadn't of stayed with me. so, thanks Char-- i love ya! anyways, I've been trying to make out what I threw up because it was red every time, so the next couple of days I didn't eat anything red. SOOOOO, i think my body doesn't like flamin hot cheetos!! sorry for the dumb story, you really didn't have to read all of this, i just thought it is ironic that out of all the foods i've eaten, Hot cheetos are the food my body will not accept and will throw it right back out!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

anniversary in savannah

So, Char and I spent our 1 month anniversary in Savannah, Ga and we had a blast!
We stayed in his parents condo downtown and also visited his sis Reba and she was our tour guide, poor girl, we wanted to see everything!! Well, enjoy the quick peek of our weekend!

stop #1,

picked up our throw away camera at the local piggly wiggly,,,, love it!

stop #2
stopped by Reba, char's sis apartment in downtown savannah. she's a fashion design major at SCAD and her apt. looks like the Anthropologie catalog. She will be working for Marc Jacobs so we are soooo excited for her upcoming fashion career!!
stop #3
We walked over to MELLO YELLOW pizzeria and it was crazy, hippies created the restaurant so all you see on the walls are these mushrooms and other hippy related images

stop #4
the history of savannah was all around us, so we took tons of pics of me standing next to important houses and monuments. this one's for you DAD

stop #5
Atlantic Ocean!! oooh, it's like I stepped into a bath, the water was warm and we just stayed in there for hours playing and entertaining char's sis Reba while she sat on the shore.

stop #6
for those food network fans, we ate at Paula Deen's famous restaurant and it was divine. It was like 30 bucks a plate but it was one of our highlights. Reba is the head server so we got extra refills on yummy drinks and discounts. We ate hoe cakes, fried green tomatoes, crab cakes, southern black eyed peas and much more. We were stuffed and forgot we had to walk 20 minutes back to the condo!!!

We love Georgia and I just love his family. Everyone is soooo nice and it's true what they say about Southern comfort, you can't go a day without a stranger opening a door for you or saying hi! We can't wait to come back again for Christmas!!!!

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