Monday, April 27, 2009

here's to ONE year together

looking back,
we're even more in love than we were that day.

he's taught me how to appreciate sports

he's learned how to live(eat) with a vegetarian

and so MUCH more.

now onto our anniversary.
We had brunch with my parents then headed to Laguna.
the water was freezing and such a high tide.

My view,
a growing tummy and the ocean.

We then went to our old stomping grounds... Irvine spectrum for
yummy Cheesecake Factory!
you can only imagine the reaction Char had to these ribs!

we lucked out with tickets to the Angels game from my Uncle Drew and Aunt Chris,
they were GREAT seats! thanks

then ended the evening getting our FAVORITE ice cream...
chocolate malted crunch at the ice cream parlor in Rite Aid.

It was a perfect weekend away from it all, just perfect.
I can't believe it's been a year, it goes by way too fast.
With a little one on the way, our lives couldn't be more blessed.
We love our growing family and mostly love and respect one other.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

nursing my husband back to health

Charlie got sick this weekend.
the highlight...
holding hands softly as Charlie rested all morning

I thought I'd prepare breakfast in bed
scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon
toast, bananas and chocolate milk!
of course I made some for me too!

I hope you get well soon Charlie boy,

Saturday, April 11, 2009

getting your husband to dye eggs with you!

so my cousin Korine and I had an idea for FHE,,, dying Easter eggs.

we set everything up and discovered our husband's still SITTING watching sports!

if you think us Dellenbach girls will let THIS happen, think again!! ha

Korine and I gave them a long lecture about the importance of FHE, that it's about family! just kidding, but we did get them to join. We later found the boys stuck to the table engaged in dying their eggs. We just laughed! who knew the boys would like this sort of thing so much?

the outcome,,, super cool tye-dyed Easter eggs!
you should try it!

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