Monday, June 28, 2010

He's on the move

This little boy is on the move constantly and he loves, loves, loves his walker Grandma and Grandpa Baggett got for him! Our kitchen is the only place he can stroll around since the rest of our place is carpeted. He loves walking around the kitchen while I cook or do the dishes and it makes it so much easier for me to get things done! By the way, Charlie starting crawling about 2 weeks ago so that will be another post but for now enjoy the video of him in his walker!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

father's day

My Dad
My husbandI'm a pretty lucky girl to have such a wonderful husband and Dad. I hope they had a great Father's day and know how much I love them. My Dad and I have always had a close relationship and we talk to each other daily. I love him and I love the memories we've shared.
My husband is my best friend and such a good dad to our boy. We've grown so much since we've been married and I can't imagine going through this journey without him. I love you honey!
Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hilton Head, last installment

So, we've been back from Georgia for a few weeks now and I'm just now finishing the last installment of our Georgia posts!! How I miss that place and our family even more!

We saw Jon's new home and of course had to take a picture, or a few!

We spent a day in Hilton Head, SC visiting a family friend, having lunch and taking a small tour of the island. I had no idea how beautiful it would be. Absolutely breathtaking.
Well, the rest of our stay in Georgia went by pretty fast. Charlie helped Jon move his last piece of furniture in his new home and we visited with him for a while. Me and Charlie were able to leave the baby with the grandparents to enjoy a date... just the two of us! It really was a vacation in every sense of the word and we have Charlie's parents to thank. We can't wait to come out again!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

dining on River St.

One night we headed to historic downtown Savannah and dined at
The Rocks Restaurant in The Bohemian Hotel.

{baby Charlie was getting plenty of loves from the waitresses, probably since he was the
youngest person in the whole joint!}

After dinner we walked down River Street and watched the eclectic acts being performed by locals. We also watched the large ships sail off into the Atlantic to deliver items to neighbors across the pond. After walking a bit we sat on a bench where an older woman was playing the guitar while singing opera! I began to think of the movie The Soloist.
There was a part of me that wanted to play reporter and find out her life story
and how she ended up where she is. Her voice was gold in my books.
Anyways, it was truly a wonderful evening spent with family and even a little inspiring!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tybee Beach

A few days before we left Savannah we headed to Tybee Beach. This would be the baby's first experience at the beach so I made sure we took plenty of pictures and a video of course. My mother in law Moira and Charles Sr. took such good care of our little one while me and my hubby were in the water! We had so much fun boogie-boarding and body surfing and just had fun being alone with one another! I really do love the Atlantic Ocean and the fact that I won't feel like I'll die from a huge wave like I'm used to in California!
Well, Baby Charlie just loved the water and I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we made the beach a daily trip, too bad we're thousands of miles away!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

enjoying Savannah by sea

Experiencing Savannah, Ga on a boat is quite beautiful.
Being my second time on the Atlantic waters, I really enjoyed this day we spent on my in-laws boat. Baby Charlie slept soundly the entire ride which was nice. Moira and I admired the houses right off the water and spent most of the time guessing their costs. One of my favorite parts of the ride was just sitting back letting the wind run through my tangled hair and holding hands with Charlie. There's something romantic about riding through the harbor with the one you love. Anyways, about half and hour into the ride the rain starting coming down. hard. We quickly put up the visor and made sure the baby was dry. It was quite the experience. By the time we got back to the marina the sun peeked through the clouds and the humidity was back in full force. Wow, that will take some getting used to!

8 months

Isn't he so stinkin cute?! Baby Charlie is 8 months old now and is getting so big! He has been such a joy and I just love this little boy! So far this month he...
had his 3rd ear infection
flew to Georgia for his 2nd time
went in the Atlantic Ocean and loved it
goes from sitting position to crawling position in seconds
when on tummy he scoots himself around in a circle
loves eating puffs and teething biscuits
can grab a puff with his fingers and put it in his mouth
says Dadda all the time
likes pulling himself up when sitting on our lap
loves when we sing hymns at church

So, my Dad's cousin performed multiple tests on Charlie for her nursing class and he passed every test for an 8 month old and even passed in areas for a 12 month old! It's always nice to hear he's doing well but we look forward to upcoming milestones like him saying Momma!

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