Monday, May 30, 2011

24 hour visit

My parents came up to Provo on Friday afternoon and left Saturday afternoon.
They were here for 24 hours, who does that to their daughter??!

{my parents brought up some appliances for Dane and Korine's new home.}

{ Korine, baby Vaughn and my mom in front of their new home in Provo }

{ my little family with my parents + baby Vaughn! }

We then had an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse, which was still busy at 5:00pm. It's CRAZY busy there.

my cute boy peeking in on Grandma and Aunt Katie (Cubbie)!

my parents with the newlyweds... Jeremy and Katie!

the rest of the party!
We all took turns holding Vaughn so Korine could eat dinner!

Saturday was pretty busy! We helped Katie and Jeremy pack and move their life down to California. I will miss their darling home in Springville!

I can't believe my parents only visited for 24 hours but I was SO glad to see them.
I miss them already and I MISS my little sister Katie living so close to me.
I know she will be happy in California attending a music school with her husband.
It is where they need to be.

Friday, May 27, 2011


The little boy that sprinkled goldfish crackers into my favorite flats and then pushed the crumbs into the soles and onto the sides.
There will be a REWARD!

Monday, May 23, 2011


My cousin Lyndzee's son Jett loves dressing up in his spiderman outfit.
He either has this outfit on or a spiderman shirt... every time I see him!
Roger, Lyndzee's husband and partner in EPlove photography shot this adorable
video of Jett here.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

spring cleaning, better late than never

I feel like everyone did their spring cleaning last month.
I guess I'm a bit behind.

It has been raining everyday and I have put off cleaning our dusty bathtub way too long!
We stored toilet paper, our bathroom trashcan and little Charlie's outgrown infant bathtub in it.
It was a lovely sight to behold, I tell you!

It was time to clean that tub and little Charlie could not have been cuter as he helped scrub the sides of the tub with water! He loves to help me when I clean and likes to mimic everything I do.
Seriously melts my heart.
He will make a fine husband one day, I tell you a fine husband indeed.

I am in love

with this cookbook!
My sweet sister in law Erin bought this for me for my birthday and I haven't put it down.
Ree Drummond, the pioneer woman has a great blog about her life in the country and how she learned to be happy there. The recipes are so yummy, the few that I have tried already!
Thank you so much Erin!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

goals for this summer

1. I want to start running.
More importantly, I want to learn how to enjoy running! I have never enjoyed running. period.
My best friend Jessica lives here in Provo and she offered to help me this summer. Like me, she used to dread running but a few summers ago she started running with her roommate and she learned to love it. Plus, she looks so skinny now and that motivates me!
Now, I am looking for a jogging stroller on the CHEAP, so if you know of anyone selling theirs let me know!2. Sleep more.
Since starting up college again I have lost a lot of sleep.
I feel that the stresses in my life are catching up to me and I need to take a breather. Yesterday after I put Charlie down for a nap I collapsed on my bed and slept like a baby. It was so nice. Today, I did the same thing. Felt even better.
I need to do this more often, if not everyday!

So, there you have it.
My list is short, only 2 goals but I think they are both attainable.
Do any of you have goals for this summer?

Monday, May 16, 2011

birthdays galore!

May 16th is a big day.
Today is my Mom's birthday and also Moira's birthday!
Happy Birthday and wish we could be with you both!

One of my favorite holidays just came and went, my birthday!
My husband always makes it so special for me from beginning to end.
He brought me breakfast in bed, did the morning dishes, changed Charlie's diapers, took me up to SLC to buy my favorite candle from anthro among other things. He is such a good husband and I'm so glad we spent the entire day together!

We stopped at a park on our way back from SLC for little Charlie to run around and play!

Then we had dinner with family at CPK.

Sunday evening we had my official birthday party with family/friends.

Here's to another year full of love and happiness!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Charlie's friend Kegan

{me and my boy}

Kegan and Charlie are the best of buds. Only born a month apart, they have grown up together until this point. Kegan and his parents are moving out of the country for the summer and this makes me so sad. Karen, Kegan's mom, has been a big support to me as we swap babysitting to help finish school assignments, go on date nights and do housework. Not only will Charlie miss his friend Kegan, but I will MISS Karen even more. I told Karen a while ago how funny it would be if these 2 boys reunited again in the college dorms or in the MTC!!
I know that our paths will cross again and Charlie will have his friend Kegan again!

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