Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Irvine, the REAL orange county

So, it' last minute, really last minute, but Charlie and I feel good about moving to Cali this summer to work for Moxie!!! Charlie will be working all over OC and we will live in sunny Irvine!!
So many perks:
close to family & friends
close to our Newport Temple
Sat. night Dodger games
beach beach beach

don't worry, I will be working full-time so I prob won't be able to enjoy the beach all that often, but to know it's down the street helps! We are so excited to make the big move down there, and that we can have a break from P-town finally!! It's time to play

Friday, April 4, 2008

so many choices...

classic carrie underwood updo, a lot of bang action though!
vanessa hudgens updo, a bit messy but still nice
kate hudson updo, flirty and messy
eva longoria updo, a lot of curls but tamed

boo, i have no clue what hairstyle I'm having for my big day. I need an updo because the top of my dress has an elaborate, beaded top that comes around my neck like a collar, so all my hair needs to be up and away from the dress! please feel free to comment on what you like and/or with own personal ideas!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

we got tickets

We got tickets this morning from my wonderful visiting teacher heidi for Sunday afternoon session. I have never been to a live session of conference and I've been looking forward to being in the presence of our new prophet Thomas S. Monson. I want to do the entire Temple Square experience with tours around the temple, and the beehive house!! if anyone else will be there Sunday let me know.

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