Monday, September 22, 2014

Baby Lorenzo is here...

The rag quilt I made for baby Lorenzo. 

I wanted Azaleia to open a gift when we arrived.  I used the pottery barn kids catalog as gift wrap. One of the cheapest gifts!

Her golden horse! Charlie picked it out for her for $1 at goodwill!

Here is her bedroom, also using the pottery barn catalog! 

Returning home.  Luckily my hubby had a work trip to Atlanta and we hopped along for free! :) my kind of vacation!
  Someone wasn't as excited to leave.  Poor boy, he had the best time playing with his BFF.

The stars aligned and prayers were answered for our visit to Atlanta to welcome Leanna's baby into the world. Hubby had a work trip and we tagged along on the exact week Leanna was delivering. I was the carpool mom for little Azaleia all week and we had such a great time with her. I woke up the kids extra early before school so they could play in the playroom for 20 minutes before school.
My favorite part was visiting Leanna and Ernesto in the hospital and getting loves from baby Lorenzo.  He is a little Azaleia and such a sweet baby.  Another bonus was seeing my mom for a few days. I miss my family so much and our week in Atlanta was just what I needed!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

school bells are ringing

Charlie started his first day of preschool today and it has been the smoothest transition.  Many kids were crying or clinging to their moms but he just walked right in and wanted to play. Charlie needs this outlet to play with children and learn in a group environment and I'm sure I will find things to do with my new alone time.
I can see sewing projects, craft projects and perhaps some house cleaning on the  horizon!

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