Tuesday, September 30, 2008

sorry to interrupt bff week...

Our car, the only car that we have, is not working. Thus, it is time for me to ride the bus to work, which means waking up an hour earlier and walking a mile 1/2 to the bus stop.
I'm super excited as you can tell.

Please standby for tomorrow's spotlight...

you guessed right...

Monday, September 29, 2008

BFF week

Meet my Best Friend Michelle Craig Johnson. I feel like I've known her my whole life, but our BFF journey started in High School. I forced her into choir and we just traveled the world together, well just NYC!! We danced to Boogie Fever and still know the moves to this day.
What I lOVE about my shelly belle (in no particular order):
1. her beautiful GREEN eyes
2. she makes me laugh SOOOOOO hard
3. we both have a freakishly WEIRD love for Lance Burton... Master Magician, in fact we always text each other when we pass Las Vegas, it's tradition!!
4. we shared cars for two years, my saturn the first year and her jetta the second!
5. she was my wicked stepmother in the play Cinderella!! i just loved acting with her
6. We both hate the rain and SNow passionately
7. we dated the same guy (not at the same time),,, Jared Bruin... 'feelin groovy'
8. were roommates for 2 years in Tuscany Chateau
9. she is an incredibly talented actress and singer but will never admit it
10. she was there...
*when I discovered my little 8th grade sister Katie wore thongs...not the flip flops!!
*when my family invited her and Billy to General Conference in Utah but forgot their tickets so we just chilled in Provo, went to a haunted house and met College MEN!!
*when Billy broke our trampoline right down the middle and swore to us that he'd never eat again!!
* In NYC on the ferry around the harbor when all us choir geeks cried and sang loudly the last song of the night.
*when I left for college
*when a random guy kicked the side of my saturn
* got onstage at the APEX party at Beaver Dick (DEEK) park
*we slept at the Sandman Hotel in Treemonton, Utah
*when I received my endowments at the L.A temple
*when I was sealed to my hubby

I love Michelle, she means everything to ME

Sunday, September 28, 2008

this GIRL

meet my friend Jacque Skaggs. Jacque is one of my best friend's and we met in our good ole' college days in Rexburg. She lived across the hall from me and we became instant friends.

I dragged her along to my Theater makeup class where I painted her face like a witch, put a beard on her, and did some hilarious things to!! She also helped me memorize a whole scene from the play/movie Steel Magnolias as she played Shelby!!

well, I invited her to live at my house last summer before I left for my mission. We stayed up late just talking for hours and maybe got Taco Bell at 12:00 am and watched Jerry Seinfeld comedy sketches and quoted them all day. She met Robert Skaggs and They fell in love and got married just months after Charles and I!! She has taught me so much, taught me how to hold hands with Charlie and most of all...Loyalty, she is the definition of a Loyal friend. well, I know she won't be reading this, but just for every one else to know, I JUSt love her!! thanks for the good times and more to come!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

"saturday is a special day"

1. charles and I slept in
2. I made rasberry muffins while charles mowed the lawn

an early dinner with spaghetti, vegatables and garlic bread/toast

headed for some fun at the Escobar plantation

to end the splendid evening

Friday, September 19, 2008

just a peek

where I reside... UTAH

Charles and I recently moved into my great uncle and aunt's house in THE HILLS of Provo under the 'Y'. they died this last year and their daughter is letting us rent the main floor. My Great Aunt DiDi was an amazing painter and I have put my favorite painting of hers by my desk.

one of Vincent's Classics...
doesn't this remind you of the movie "Mona Lisa Smile... painting by numbers lecture???"

my desk adorned with sweet roses from the garden and a cup full of sharpened school pencils.

buttons galore...

i found old/vintage crayons, play-doh and much more in the desk of Aunt DiDi's


Friday, September 5, 2008

little daners gets married...

the rehearsal dinner at bucco di beppo in Irvine

charlie sporting an original blackbird boutiq head band... that's hot

they are such a funny couple

The Sealing at Newport Temple
it was beautiful!!
jacque and rob skaggs

The Ring Ceremony and Reception at the Hyatt in Newport Beach

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