Sunday, May 23, 2010

the neighborhood park

Thursday afternoon we went on a walk in Charlie's parents neighborhood and found a cute playground to stop at. Baby Char had a good time on the swing and liked watching daddy make funny faces and noises as he pushed him. Charlie Jr. and I pushed one another on a swing while the baby watched. We also had fun timing how fast we could ride the bike around the parking lot next to the playground... I won 1/3 times which isn't bad!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

good to be back

We just made it to Georgia last night and it feels good to be back! Charlie's family saw baby Charlie last Thanksgiving so it's a much needed reunion. Baby was a dream on our flight from Salt Lake City and made new friends with those sitting around us. In fact, this lady named Vivian sitting next to us gave us $100 because she was impressed with our little family. She remembers what it was like being young with kids and wanted to help us out. I'll always remember her kindness and hope we can do the same to a young couple someday!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

head on over

to my sister Leanna's blog to see pictures of my fun birthday party HERE!
Thanks for everyone that came to celebrate and play games!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I had a birthday

Holy cow I am 24 years old!! When did this happen?! Well, I had a great birthday yesterday! Charlie brought me breakfast in bed and then we headed off to a day full of shopping! I was also surprised with a massage which was oh so needed! Then we met up with my sister Leanna and her family for dinner and opened presents! When we retired to bed I stayed awake till midnight so I could enjoy my birthday till the very last second! I'm crazy I know but I couldn't fathom the thought of my birthday ending! Till next year!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's day

My feelings this Mother's day goes something like this:
1. being pregnant.
I really loved having a big belly
and feeling my baby grow.

2. Seeing my baby for the first time.
Every mom knows what I'm talking about.
It's special and surreal all at once.

3. my husband.
He helps me be a better mom to our boy.
He is understanding and supportive and I love to see his relationship with baby Charlie grow.

4. nursing my son.
I am a huge supporter of breastfeeding. I feel closer to my baby from it. Some of the most sacred moments as a mom has been while nursing baby Charlie.

5. Having a family of my own.
I've always wanted to be a mom
and have my own family. To change my last name and the whole bit.

I love being a mom. I love having a little one that resembles me.
I love having a day where Mother's are celebrated. My husband brought me gifts throughout the day to remind me he loves me and appreciates me. He gave me earrings, Carrie Underwood c.d, gum, dr. pepper and breakfast in bed. I've been sick the last couple of days and he really has made it so much better. A big thanks to my Mom for being the best mom to me. Happy Mother's day to all!

Azzie's 1st birthday

what would a party be without my Mom's famous potato salad??

I got to relax a bit while the children were sleeping and got to listen to Katie's band!

Leanna's college friends
Scott & Steph Hathaway

he didn't want to open his eyes for some odd reason

{birthday girl with mom and dad}

My niece Azaleia is so special to me and especially to baby Charlie. They are the best of cousins/friends and it's a joy to watch them interact. Azzie's party was anything short of spectacular with live music and enough cupcakes to feed Provo. Even though me and baby Charlie were sick with the cold we managed to enjoy the party! My hubby stopped by the last 1/2 hour due to his first baseball game of the season. Of course I missed it. Oh, and I missed his first home run of the season! Overall it was a great day spent with family and friends! Azaleia, I can't wait for your next birthday party!

Monday, May 3, 2010

charlie is 7 months old

That's right, my little one is already 7 months and he's reached quite a few milestones!

*has 2 bottom teeth and just broke in a tooth on top
*loves tummy time and will be crawling very soon {yikes}
*loves eating his veggies, he actually prefers them to fruits
*has 2 naps a day, sometimes 3
*when he wakes up in the morning he just coos and plays with his blanket for about 10 minutes until Mommy and Daddy pick him up!
*loves going on walks and observing all the nature around him
*LOVES his cousin Azaleia, they're best friends
*loves going to church to see all his little friends...there are quite a few!
*loves when Daddy tickles his tummy and neck
*has become quite a momma's boy which I love!

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