Tuesday, September 29, 2009

letters to a son

My doctor decided he will induce me tomorrow, September 30th, the day my husband Charlie and mother in law Moira predicted he would come! So, with tomorrow being the birth of our first born son I thought I would get organized a bit and write him a few letters I will disperse throughout his life. Letters from my heart full of my thoughts and feelings and also life lessons I've learned. I have written a letter for when he's the ripe age of 8 and ready to be baptized, 16 when he starts going on group dates and such, 19 when he prepares for a mission, and another letter for when he finds the woman he should marry in the temple. I must say I got teary eyed writing these letters just knowing in a few short years all of these marvelous events will happen in his life. I hope to write letters like this to all my offspring, however many there may be!

Wish me luck tomorrow, it will be a lONG day but the best day!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

getting ready

{the nursery}

{the baby sleeps by my side}

{enjoying time before baby}
charlie's mom Moira is here to visit and help

So, our baby is due TOMORROW! I really thought our baby boy would be here by now but he's just so comfortable in my belly. It's been nice these past couple of days since Moira has been here, we've been to Park City and the temple and have done some shopping! If I don't have the baby by this next Tuesday then my Doc will induce me, so we'll see what happens!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

baby shower #2

oh my goodness!
i have such great friends and family and today proved it.
we played a fun memory game and chatted most of the hour while devouring baseball sugar cookies and fruit.
it was splendid!
afterward, katie and I headed to olive garden for a much needed catch-up lunch with my best friends Michelle and Jessica. we talked about break-ups,babies, married life, the waitor that gave us free dessert and much more.

i feel so blessed to have the life i have, the friends i have, the family i have and this baby i have coming in the matter of 2 weeks!

Friday, September 11, 2009

saying goodbye to baseball

half of the crew

the other half

the team!
(t) Brett, Goudy, Dane, Drew, Ted, Aric, CHARLIE,
(b) Paul, Josh, Vessie

It is the most beautiful thing to watch someone do what they love, and Charlie loves baseball.

Monday, September 7, 2009

cabin fever

We went up to my cousin's family cabin for Labor Day weekend!
The cabin was an hour away from any town and we didn't get cell phone service... it was a beautiful feeling. Relaxation, sleeping, games, food and fun were on the itinerary.

I spent most of my time holding this little one!

Korine, Steph, Jessica and Katie

everyone(the guys) watching the BYU v. Oklahoma game!

eating bbq corn... so yummy!

one of the spectacular views from the cabin

Katie and Uncle Drew(my dad's younger bro)

Scott & Steph= cute couple

Family & friends Variety Show

Drew juggling Charlie acting out a double play

sisters trio

Steph & James

Bonfire & smores

Scott, Katie, Drew and Adam

Out for a ride on the quads

It was such a FUN weekend. I haven't felt so relaxed in my whole pregnancy. It was beautiful and just what I needed!

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