Wednesday, March 26, 2008

getting to know the boy

Charles Owen Baggett Jr.
born October 25th, 1984
2nd born of 4 kids
grew up in Moreno Valley, Ca then family moved to Georgia his senior year of h.s
called to serve in Santiago, Chile for a faithful 2 years
attends BYU Provo
marrying his summer hook-up...ME!!! haha

CELEB look-a-like
that wasn't hard!!! funny story, Charlie posted the second picture from the top of David Duchovny as his facebook profile pic and people really thought it was Charlie!!! soooo funny, atleast I know Charlie will still be a hottie as a 45 year old.!!!!!!!!

playing BASEBALL- he's amazing and I hope our kids get his athleticism
watching baseball---- his fav team LA DODGERS
playing any sport- he does well at any sport he plays, it's good to be on his team,
EATING- it's not fair, he eats and eats and doesn't gain any weight!!
spending time with fam and friends

Fav Fast food/restaurants
Carl's Jr.- Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger
Wendys- stack attack value meal
MARIA BONITA- beef taquito and beef taco meal
Chilies- chicken Caesar pita w/ FRIES

UNIQUE things he would never admit
he likes to pluck my eyebrows,,,and he's good at it too!! no more getting them waxed
he's a NEAT freak- but not a Nazi about it
entertaining people with his gay voice!!! I've never laughed so hard then when he tells random made-up stories about the adventures of Sergio and Francisco

These words can't describe this wonderful man I'm marrying,,,he's funny, quirky, humble, hard-working, lovable and weird- my favorite characteric in someone

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

trading my apron for a hot RED swimsuit

So long to the hustle and bustle of serving at Macaroni Grill- which was a great experience, but for those that have been or are in the restaurant business, it's not something you want to make a career out of, at least for me! So, no more waiting on rude tables or rolling 2 baskets of silverware every time I work, I'm heading on to bigger things.........
My job at the Provo Recreation Center has offered a free lifeguard/swim instructor class/CPR certification and I'm taking the opportunity!! It's about $2.00 more an hour and I'll get more shifts so I'm so excited to start the training next week!!

BRIDAL sHoWer weekend!!!!

Okay, this last weekend was that CHRISTMAS morning feeling when you run down the stairs to see what santa's brought you, all those that have had a bridal shower know exactly how it feels. I wanted to cry because I had so much gratitude to the ladies in the room starting with my preschool teacher Sis. Staffenson to our ward's librarian Bonnie who has had that calling since we moved to Norco 15 years ago!! Such great women with beautiful HEARTS
Here's a list of the AMAZING gifts from the bridal shower:
magic love pills!
CANDLES and more candles!!
the cutest spice rack
LINGERE, LINGERE, LINGERE, did i say LINGERE??!!!!! thanks ladies
brown decorative box and headband- love it
my 500 count white stripe linens
super soft brown accent pillows
RED and WHITE towels for body, hands and washing
egg slicer, cheese grader, strainer... gotta love these simple gadgets
toaster- i hope it's the only one we get!!
IKEA tupperware- even better than the ones i registered for
rod iron paper towel holder& trivet and hundreds of UTENSILS!! yay
GIFT CARDS!!! love these
complete date package with movies 13 going on 30-one of my favs, Mask of Zorro and popcorn and tons of candy---- such a great idea, but not great for my diet!!
pretty wreath made and constructed by the one and only Leslie!
bathroom sets with shower gels, perfume spritzers, and lotions!!
frames and some more frames
beautiful photo album
baking sheet set with cooling rack
don't worry ladies, I will post pictures up as soon as i get my retarded camera to work!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

FUN at trafalgas

We had a date night at TRAFALGAS (ghetto, old miniature golf adventure park) with Leanna and Ernesto. Leanna won the first round and I won the second... WE rock! Even though I won the second round, I still lost the entire game because I did horribly the first round! After, Ernesto insisted we play DDR which everyone of us failed!! It was great fun!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

worst HOUR of my LIFE

I'm writing this in a FIRE red color to display my anger during this HOUR. So, Leanna and Ernesto are out of town in Cali and they let me use their car for the weekend. I went to Charlie's last night to watch American Idol and parked the car in his parking spot in his underground garage(it doesn't require parking permits, just assigned parking for residents). After a.i he drove me back to my apt. and parked for 5 minutes in this dentist parking lot right next to my apt. to kiss me goodnight. As he was about to leave, we heard a tow truck and Charlie quickly ran downstairs. His car got booted(they put a stopper on one of his tires so he can't leave) and he tried to get out of it... we couldn't, so there went $50 out of my pocket. We thought we were pretty lucky because another truck was supposed to tow our car away and that would have been $120!! So, we thought to play it safe we would return back to his apt and get Leanna's car and just take it back to their house because we didn't need it, so back we went to Charlie's parking garage...
AND LEANNA'S CAR WAS GONE. If we thought our night couldn't get any worse, it just DID!! Charlie went upstairs to ask his roommates if any of them called in to tow the Camry. His roommate Aric called in, not knowing at ALL the car was approved by charlie to park there, he said he'd help pay and he felt really bad. We called the tow company and they said that the fee is $120 and the person liable in this situation is Aric because he called in and signed for the car to be towed away without knowing or asking his roommates if the car was approved to park in Charlie's spot. We found out we can appeal the charge, but we still have to pay the $120 before anything can happen! After this all happened, Char and I were talking about what happened within an hour and we started laughing!!! It's good that in time of complete disarray, we choose to LAUGH! I love Charlie and I'm looking forward to walking through the hard and good times in life, knowing that we'd prefer to look at the funny side of things!

Monday, March 10, 2008

So, on Saturday my best friend Michelle (Craig) Johnson and her parents came to visit me and Charlie in Provo on Saturday and we went to P.F Changs!!!!! I got the honey chicken bowl with brown rice and it was GOOD, Charlie got the beef and broccoli bowl and I ate half of the veggies,,,yum! even though it was lunch, it was still pretty expensive, especially for me and Charlie,,,,, poor college students! The Craig's picked up the check and we were sooooo thankful, I miss that family so much and I love them to death.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

last week charlie and i got all dressed up for the 80s skating party and we actually went to my committee dinner to Brick Oven in our outfits, the ONLY ones in the group!!!, and afterward we found out none of our friends were going, and hardly anyone in the ward was going! LAME, so we decided to just stay home (go to leanna's apt) and watch a movie with them!!!! We stayed in our outfits actually, and even went to the store in them,,,, so many crazy glares. Don't worry folks, there are plenty of 80s nights coming soon, and we will get a camera out and show you our amazing outfits!!! haha

Monday, March 3, 2008

happy day of BIRTH

happy day of birth Leanna and Lyndzee!!!
so last night leanna made my mom's recipe of sweet & sour chicken...
SO good! we then had pound cake that leanna also made,
yeah, she wanted everything to be perfect, that's why she made everything!!!!
Well, just a history on these girls' birthdays, they go ALL out,
when they turned 16 they threw themselves a HUGE
double sweet 16 party with a dj and a million people.
Then they also had a pretty big 18th b-day party too!!
Well, i hope this birthday is even better!!!

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