Monday, October 8, 2012

my 3 year old!!

Wow, my little Charlie Owen III is 3 years old now!!!
What a celebration it was too!
We started out the morning with pancakes made by daddy.

We went to church, I got a new calling... in Relief Society again (which I love, but will miss my sunbeams and activity day girls),
came home, ate dinner with my father in law, sister Leanna and her family. 
Lastly, we had a little birthday party for a few of Charlie's friends from our ward!

We had carrots with dip, apple cider doughnuts we got from BJ Reece apple orchard, water and the amazing chocolate pudding cake... which is a tradition now!!
The kiddos played while us adults played the Dellenbach name game and just chatted.
It was very low-key and fun!
That morning was a bit sad for me, due to the fact that my little guy didn't have a sibling by his 3rd birthday.  Well, I can't say we didn't try! :(
Luckily, we had an amazing General Conference and Elder Eyring's talk touched my heart in such a strong way.  These last three years I was only supposed to have one child to love, care for and teach.  Only one.  How blessed I am to have him.  I know this is supposed to be a trial for me, a trial that I need to depend on the Savior to help me through.  The weeks and months that pass I learn more of the Lord's will for me, and how wonderful it is... especially with my little Charlie in my life!

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