Tuesday, July 29, 2008

car crashed into my preschool

This wasn't something your employers train you for or something you ever think could happen to you, but IT DID to me. Well, i don't work at a gas station but I couldn't get myself to take a picture of the accident at my work yesterday. This is exactly what the preschool classroom looked like which is connected only by a half wall to my classroom, so we heard and definitely felt everything. As the kids were all crying for their mommies and daddies i was thinking of how much I wanted my husband Charlie to be there with me.
As soon as I heard the crash I ran into their room and yelled at the top of my lungs "everyone, get in my class, HURRY," as the other 2 teachers helped get the kids covered with glass and debris out of their sleeping areas. As soon as everyone was on my side of the classroom the screaming and crying did not stop. I immediately found the kids with blood and scrapes and cleaned them up as the other teachers calmed the children down and began singing to them. It was a tender moment as I saw the teachers hold the little ones in their arms and devote their fullest and deepest LOVE to these children at such a traumatic time. We were very fortunate that no serious injuries occurred and the police and firemen were there within minutes. here's a link that was written in the Orange County Register today http://www.ocregister.com/articles/classroom-driver-kindercare-2107618-one-police

Monday, July 28, 2008

dance festival...

my man

katie's performing group

me and my man

1/2 of the fam

Charlie and I headed down to Redlands for the dance festival and we were not expecting the wonderful show it turned out to be. My little sis Katie was one of the head performers (could you expect anything less) that sang and danced the entire time!! They did a great job and it looked like such a great experience for the kids even though I'm sure it was a nightmare for the leaders!!! hahaha, it was good to see old faces and good to be with my family whom I LOVE!!!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ms. carolyn

where i work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week as the
school-age teacher

they call me ms. carolyn or ms.'C' (usually pronounced missy!)

our class library

my naughty boys ************* my girly girls

me and maddy

this was the best i've ever bowled... 120 using the kiddy bumpers!!

color me mine... one of my favorite field trips yet!

today we had USA spirit day...which turned out to be a total mess!! kids + paint = mess but very fun!

this class went through 5 teachers in the last year and i became their 6th. that should tell you a little bit about the conduct, attitudes, and disrespect these kids had towards adults. i was welcomed to a messy classroom, totally disorganized and kids ready to push every button they thought i had. i was tested and rethought having children for a while jk- let's just say it was hard. i stayed after work a couple of days and organized, sanitized and anything adding an -ized the classroom and decided to start fresh. i implemented new discipline, started the curriculum for the summer and started enjoying my job. went from boys choking other boys, yelling, and teasing the 2nd grader who still wears diapers to... getting along and being friends with everyone- things are getting better. my inner child has come out and i've gotten really good at handball and know every disney channel show and star.
i am soooooo HAPPY being their teacher and i love my kids. this is the most rewarding job i've ever had, my efforts have paid off, i've been so blessed and there's nothing to say but
my cup runneth over.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

car= MONEY

yeah, we thought our car troubles were on the 4th of July, silly us! we made a midnight run to blockbuster to return a movie 3 days late and we didn't think anything of it, we took our wallets and keys and off we went. char dropped off the movie and when our car wouldn't start we knew we were in trouble. we forgot our phones, i forgot to wear my bra, we were both in our pj's and it was 11:30. a AAA truck, jump start and bad news all made the night longer. Char and I woke up very early despite the 3 hours of sleep and made a plan. We are hoping to get an alternator installed today, wish us luck.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

First stop: Balboa Island

We ate the famous BALBOA BAR on Marine ave. It's a cube of ice cream on a stick dipped in warm chocolate and you add any topping like almonds, sprinkles, oreo cookie crumbs, dried coconut just to name a few. They were yummy but the company was even BetteR!

There were tons of original, lo
cal owned shops that we peeked in such as a doll shop, balboa candy, but our fav was this funky art shop with bright colored unique art in domestic forms.

We came across this small, local market and we had to take a pic by what inspired our last name... baguettes!!! haha

Next stop: Chevron

We started the car after filling it up and it made a clicking sound so we called everyone we knew in OC and either they were at the beach, working, or didn't have jump-start cables. We forgot we still had AAA so we called them up, and in 15 minutes this guy TED drove by. We got a new car battery installed and our car is driving like a champ!

Next Stop: Huntington Beach

here's Char playing catch with the other moxie boys while the girls sat and watched. Char insisted I take an action shot of him, silly boy!

There was a huge group of us, MOXIE teams from San Diego, Riverside and OC, and we made quite a riot. Above are the engaged couple on our OC team, Lori and Mason... they are adorable. Most of the guys went shopping on main street and bought hundreds of dollars worth of clothes, rainbow sandals and such- yeah, wait till they're married- those hundreds of dollars are spent on getting a new car battery!! All in all, it was a great 4th and I hope yours was good too!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

korine and dane

these are some engagement photos of my cousin dane and his fiance korine who are getting married in august. charlie and i just love them and are so happy to be so close to them, and the best thing is that we are all moving to provo this fall! We spent last friday night with them at her boss's mansion in newport beach watching baseball, eating junk food and looking at her beautiful wedding dress!! korine is gorgeous and is just perfect for daners! I hope you all get a chance to meet her.

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