Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I just signed up with
Weight Watchers and it's really not so bad. I have 2 months till i wed and why not be like every other bride to be and get skinny for the big day???!!! well, that's really not the reason, here they are:

1. My mom's paying for it!! yay
2. I need to feel and look my best because I'm WORTH it! please forgive the LOREAL remark
3. My mom's just started the program and we're gonna help each other
4. I'm motivated about my weight for once in my LIFE!

The NOT SO great things about being on a DIET:

1. have to count points on EVERYTHING i EAT
2. Charlie sits there and eats the things i LOVe while i eat healthy celery and carrots- but it's good, I actually LOVE vegetables!!


SHIRLEY'S said...

do you realize we cant read what you wrote?

I dont know if leanna told you either... but we are doing it ourselves as well. we weigh in on wednesday and call each other. we'll see how well it all works

Pedersens said...

that is funny Heidi b/c I was thinking the same thing! We cant read it!!!

Looks like you are trying Weight Watchers?????? Cool Deal!!

carolyn said...

oh wow, it doesn't say much, just that it's not as bad as I thought. Well, Heidi that's great you're doing it too, it's a program you can keep all your life.
I don't know what i did wrong with my post, I'll figure it out!

The Ellsworth Clan said...

Haha Carolyn,, you used the 'widget' font. Just go in to your post and change the font to anything else. lol, I was wondering if you did it on purpose. Anyway, good for you,, I don't enjoy diets but good luck!!

SHIRLEY'S said...

YAY! thanks for changing it... Im totally with you, Matt can eat all the things I love, and Im trying to eat more vegetables instead!

I cant wait to see you in your wedding dress!

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