Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Irvine, the REAL orange county

So, it' last minute, really last minute, but Charlie and I feel good about moving to Cali this summer to work for Moxie!!! Charlie will be working all over OC and we will live in sunny Irvine!!
So many perks:
close to family & friends
close to our Newport Temple
Sat. night Dodger games
beach beach beach

don't worry, I will be working full-time so I prob won't be able to enjoy the beach all that often, but to know it's down the street helps! We are so excited to make the big move down there, and that we can have a break from P-town finally!! It's time to play


Ryan&Cindel said...

ooo irvine is beautiful! our family used to live there. How exciting!

Todd Family said...

Are you going to be selling? Have you done pest control before? That's cool you guys are in Irvine. Oh by the way...CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!! it's almost here! :)

SHIRLEY'S said...

JEALOUS... thats all i have to say

Pedersens said...

You guys will LOVE it down there and newly married... so fun and I am sure your mamma will love it too- you will be a lot closer to her.

Todd Family said...

Hey you got married and obviously don't have pictures up yet but I still wanted to leave you a comment and tell you how happy I am for you guys! You will seriously love being married. It is so awesome and so much fun! We'll have to get a group of us together to hang out now that you are one of us...you know, cool, married couple! :)

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