Thursday, August 7, 2008

baptism and MUD pies

Me and Tori at her Baptism

pretty white dress

Tori and Mackenzie

The HUGE mudpit... kinda gross but SOOOO fUn!

giant water slide...i prob went down like 12 times
cuz my kids were scared to go by themselves!

you can't see me in this pic but I flew ahead of this boy that sat with me!
yeah, water slides are an extreme sport!

soakin' WeT

FOR the record, I DID get in the mud pit, just didn't want my camera to get muddy too! Every inch of our bodies were covered in MUD and I wish I had a chance to go when I was younger, but i'm glad I had the opportunity. This place is called Adventure Playground in Irvine and it's $5 to get in for the whole day and it's a BLAST- def a great group date idea for sure!


the Escobars said...

How fun Carolina! You are so fun to be around...glad you are loving your job. Can't wait to you come back to Utah!

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