Sunday, September 28, 2008

this GIRL

meet my friend Jacque Skaggs. Jacque is one of my best friend's and we met in our good ole' college days in Rexburg. She lived across the hall from me and we became instant friends.

I dragged her along to my Theater makeup class where I painted her face like a witch, put a beard on her, and did some hilarious things to!! She also helped me memorize a whole scene from the play/movie Steel Magnolias as she played Shelby!!

well, I invited her to live at my house last summer before I left for my mission. We stayed up late just talking for hours and maybe got Taco Bell at 12:00 am and watched Jerry Seinfeld comedy sketches and quoted them all day. She met Robert Skaggs and They fell in love and got married just months after Charles and I!! She has taught me so much, taught me how to hold hands with Charlie and most of all...Loyalty, she is the definition of a Loyal friend. well, I know she won't be reading this, but just for every one else to know, I JUSt love her!! thanks for the good times and more to come!


KuRtIsS and MiChElLe said...

where did that come from? thats sweet...:)

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