Tuesday, December 30, 2008

an introduction...

my sister in-law...
name: Rebekah Lee Baggett

birthday: December 30, 1986

education: SCAD {Savannah College of Art & Design}
fashion design major

did you ever get in trouble in school? YeS,,, i got a detention in 5th grade for drawing pictures of people going POOP on my homework.

favorite restaurant? Lady & Sons {she works here, head server}

hobbies? knitting, ballet, running marathons, weight lifting, yoga, kayaking, flying kites, playing hermonicca, and sleeping in on Saturdays.

future plans? grad school in London, and moving to Paris, France to own my own Fashion house.

what do you look for in a guy? short, furry and funny!

favorite sister-in-law??? Carolyn Baggett of course!


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