Monday, January 26, 2009

it snowed on our...

started out with this beauty!

Charlie working hard

my job was to shovel the walkway to the front door,
trying hard to keep my church curls dry

then we had a typical Sunday spaghetti dinner, but wait,,, I surprised him with garlic bread sticks made from scratch.

some may say it's silly to celebrate monthly anniversary
but I say, why not?

it's a good excuse to do something special for your love.
wow, 9 months has flown by, we've grown a lot over the time we've been married, and have stayed so Happy!


Escobar Family said...

happy 9 months carolina y carlitos! we're so happy for you two!

Heidi said...

I still love that snow shovel you have.
Happy Anniversary you 2! So fun being married.

Sheryl said...

Happy 9! It is amazing how love just grows and grows!!

Carissa Rasmussen said...

yay! tyler asked me to ask you how he can get one of them snow pushers...Happy anniversary you two...Our 5 month is Thursday. Yippee

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