Monday, February 2, 2009

in a nutshell

Katie's bf AJ had his EAGLE project on Saturday morning.

such a great turnout! we painted the rails at Mountain Gate park which was also holding little league tryouts!! it was pretty funny when people leaned on the rails only to find their whole ARM was GREEN!! haha

we went straight over to Mason's 6th birthday party after the eagle project.
can I just say I LOVE this tree house!

Saturday night::: Leanna's baby shower!

the night ended with Landon getting horsey rides from Grandpa Greg!

and Sunday morning,,,
time with Grandma Donna Jean


Lisa Webb said...

Landon made your blog! Wahoo! Such a fun night!

Lisa Webb said...

oh I should give you some warning that I want to steal that picture off your blog, don't be surprised if it shows up on mine!
In like 5 minutes!

Escobar Family said...

Cuteness Carolina! Nice summary of the weekend. Hey cub...can you send me the photos of Grandma Donna? Please send to thanks cub! PS Dad is too cute as a Grandpa to all!

Heidi said...

SO glad the shower was a good turn out. I hope things are going well!


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