Saturday, April 11, 2009

getting your husband to dye eggs with you!

so my cousin Korine and I had an idea for FHE,,, dying Easter eggs.

we set everything up and discovered our husband's still SITTING watching sports!

if you think us Dellenbach girls will let THIS happen, think again!! ha

Korine and I gave them a long lecture about the importance of FHE, that it's about family! just kidding, but we did get them to join. We later found the boys stuck to the table engaged in dying their eggs. We just laughed! who knew the boys would like this sort of thing so much?

the outcome,,, super cool tye-dyed Easter eggs!
you should try it!


Escobar Family said...

So fun Carolina! I thought about buying the special dyes...but with YW we just did the norm. They turned out so pretty!

Sheryl said...

They love it once they buy into it all.. we just have to remind them how much fun it really is!

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