Friday, May 29, 2009

a prego pic... finally

So I just realized I haven't taken any prego pics yet.
well, here I am at 23 weeks,,, blonde and barely fitting in my old khakis.
Some notes for my keepsake,,,
I feel our baby boy moving all day long, into the long nights I don't sleep.
I feel like sitting down constantly, I hate being on my feet.
I crave smoothies and anything ICE cold.
I only get up once during the night to use the bathroom.

now some notes from Charlie concerning my pregnancy...
-She starts a movie then falls asleep 5 minutes later!
-more emotional!!
-more gas!! haha
-more fast food, but not by much
-however, she's starting to cook more now

There you have it!


mommacitabonita said...

More gas..haha? It never stops, so enjoy it for the rest of your you much!!!

Escobar Family said...

I love the Prego Pics Cub! I especially like that Charlie also commented on the blog...too funny!

Whit said...

Look at your cute tum! I bet Charlie takes such good care of you!

Rachel Glenn said...

cute!!!! love it!

Anonymous said... look so pretty and serene....enjoy each day. More love will be coming your way. You are showing...

Heidi said...

Love that gas problem... totally there with you!
I am almost done... well, we will see! Love the pregnant belly!

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