Saturday, June 6, 2009

charlie baggett, #8, the black sox

here's Charlie enjoying some sun-kissed oranges, with his cleats off I might add!

2 peas in a pod,,,
#7 Dane Dellenbach, #8 my love

and some video footage of my all-STAR hubby!

Soooo, Charlie and his good friends decided earlier this year to put together a baseball team.
The league started a little over a month ago and it's been so fun. and HOT. did I mention hot?
There are some familiar faces from my stake back home including my cousin Dane,
Vess Pearson, John Goudy and Mike Kleiwein.
All in all they have a pretty good team and they get better every week, especially Charlie.
I always knew that Charlie played ball in high school but I never knew how passionate he was about playing the game. it's a delight to watch him.

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