Sunday, February 14, 2010

baby char's blessing

four generation picture

Charles Sr. Charles Jr. Charles III

the boys playing a tournament

Georgia boys

saying goodbye to Grandpa Baggett

Such a wonderful day!
My husband Charlie gave a beautiful blessing to our son and also had the privilege to give a talk just minutes later! Yeah, double duty! Anyways, we all headed over to Leanna & Ernesto's place to have a luncheon made by my momma... amazing! We took lots of pictures, ate yummy food, played games and took much needed Sunday naps! What a great day to remember and a big thanks to our families that made it out to Utah!


Reba, fish in Russian said...

So Happy!
Congratulations. I wish we could have ALL been there.
with love,

Side note: what's your email address?

Lacey and Tyler Voris said...

He did do a great job :) i bet it was fun to have family. he sure is getting big!

mommacitabonita said...

What a wonderful day for little Char! What a blessing to have Grandpa Baggett too, it was such a priveledge to be there also!! Love you little Char!!!

Rachel Glenn said...

so cute missy- i love baby char's blessing clothes. glad the day went so well!

The Sheffer Home said...

Carolyn- He looks soooo adorable in his little blessing outfit! Thanks for the invite- I wish I could have been there. I start work next week sometime so I will hopefully see ya there and we can catch up on stuff!

KuRtIsS and MiChElLe said...

He looked adorable! Sorry we weren't able to be there...but we were thinking of you while we were snowmobiling haha Love you tons, so happy for you and your cute little family!

See you next weekend?

grandma moira said...

Such a very blessed group of darling, wonderful, sweet babies and family members! I'm glad grandpa Baggett could be there to celebrate the wonderful day with the Dellenbachs, and friends, and Char III is a very lucky and a very special, cute baby!!

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