Monday, July 5, 2010

Char Char is 9 months

Our baby is so big now, 9 whole months!!
SO much has happened lately that I need to write it down...

*went camping for the first time and will go again this next week!
*STARTED CRAWLING!!! He did an army crawl one day and a few days later started crawling and loves this new found independence!
*pulls himself up on just about anything but mostly his crib! It's really cute in the mornings when he wakes up because he automatically stands up and calls for us to come get him!
*We brought Charlie to a water park and he loved it!! He just loves swimming and playing in water!
* loves getting into mischief... especially now that he can crawl! Let's just say mom and dad are always on the lookout with him!
* When he gets fussy he scrunches his nose and makes piggy noises!! makes me laugh every time!
*loves other babies and people!

Baby Charlie is such a wonderful baby!
I am grateful every DAY that he's mine and that I get to be his mommy! What a wonderful blessing he is to me and my hubby!


Leslie said...

He is such a cute little baby! Can't believe how fast he is growing. Seems like you just had him. Glad things are going well for you!

By the way, I am the weird one from Virginia Beach on your littler blog feeder thing. Ha! Just wanted to let you know so you don't think some creep is stalking ya.

Anonymous said...

Such a cutie pie!! We love little Char and can't wait to go see him in a couple of weeks, Until then, kiss the big guy for us!! Love Gramma and Papa, according to Lydia.xoxxoxo

Mom Moira/Grandma said...

I'm so used to seeing so much of your Dad's looks in little Char... and in these photos, I see a lot of your Mom's features! He is an absolute sweetheart and a handsome, precious little boy! We love you and little Char and his Dad, Charlie Jr. so much!

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