Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Charlie's real birthday

...wasn't so great. He went to the hospital first thing in the morning to have surgery(tubes in ears). He was a great sport and after the surgery he was completely normal!

He had a long nap in the afternoon and once my husband came home from school and work we headed over to a fancy toy shop called Blickenstaffs in the Riverwoods. It was darling with vintage toys and all!

It wasn't the 1st birthday I had expected but we still made it fun for him, sort of! I don't know how I can make surgery fun?!! Well, that night we had Panda Express for dinner and called it a night. Hopefully next year we can have a party on his actual birthday!


We are... said...

Glad the surgery went well! Charlie looks so great in those Harry Potter glasses! Love it! What a cutie pie!

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