Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I love my calling

{ Jess, me, Anna }

I don't think I have ever blogged about my calling in the church.
I guess I never felt the urge.
However, my feelings are at the surface this week and I thought I would share.
I currently serve as a Relief Society president in my BYU student married ward.
I have had this calling since late June 2010 and I cannot be more grateful for the experiences and friendships I have made.
There are two Relief Societies in my ward and the other presidency was just released. I have loved working with these wonderful sisters and we celebrated this time of change last week at Malawi's in the Riverwoods. I have worked very closely these past 10 months especially with Jess and we have helped each other through tough and fun times as we serve the sisters and families in our ward. Most of the sisters in the other presidency will be moving out of the ward and our time to serve together has ended. I will still hold my calling till the summer and I just love the new presidency that was called last week. I know we will grow together like the last presidency and I am looking forward to serving with them.

{ here's a picture of me with the North Relief Society }
me, Jess (president), Anna, (2nd. counselor), Cami (secretary), and Amanda (1st counselor)

I thought I would introduce my AMAZING presidency!

1st Counselor: Kaitlin Ellingson

2nd Counselor: Karen Hodges (in blue)

Secretary: Kendyle Hakes

Where do I start with these wonderful sisters?
They are perfect. We work very well together and have become great friends from this calling. Kaitlin helps keep us positive and can always make us laugh even through the rough times. Karen is willing to serve at all times and I love that about her. Kendyle does SO much for our Relief Society and keeps things organized. That really is not even skimming the surface to what they have done. I love working with these woman and they have taught me so, so much.
The Lord truly sent me angels to work with and I am forever grateful.


Escobar Family said...

what a special post! love you Carolyn! thanks for being such an example to me of love and service!!! you are perfect for this calling!

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