Friday, April 27, 2012

Sara's baby shower

 My cute friend Sara!
 I used really light scrapbook paper for the letter, but it says It's a Girl!
 half of the spread.  fruit platter, fruit dip, pita chips and dip, Greek couscous salad, 
seven-layer bean dip, choc. cupcakes and a delicious apple cobbler!

 Ali M. and Kristine P.
 Deseret L, Shawna T., and Nicole D.
 The McLeod girls
 yours truly and Brittany C.
 group pic take one.
group pic take two... with me in it!

Last week some friends and I threw a baby shower for a good friend in our ward.
It was an intimate baby shower with enough people to fit in the family room comfortably.  We had yummy food, good conversation, a fun round of the name game (Dellenbach favorite), and watched Sara open the gifts for baby girl.  I'm so happy for Sara and can't wait to meet her new babe.


Mom/Grandma Moira said...

Love the photos!!

mommacitabonita said...

Sounds like you had a great time, so looking forward to seeing you and our little Char! Love you Sissy!!!

Anna Peterson said...


llcall said...

You spread looks amazing! I want to hear more about the name sounds fun!

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