Wednesday, February 5, 2014

small towns, part 1

 One thing I absolutely LOVE about living in Georgia are all the small quaint towns within a 30 minute drive from us.  Yesterday, we had to pick up my husband from work since our other car is in the shop.  We got down to Smyrna 30 minutes early and decided to head 7 minutes down from his building to discover the cute town of Vinings.  I have driven by Vinings a handful of times but it seems even more enchanting in the rain.  It has history written all over it, and even the newer shops maintain the whimsical white paint, green roof motif the entire town has.  Even the CVS pharmacy is adorable, can't believe I forgot to take a picture of that!
The visitor center has old pictures, maps and journals of the first families and leaders from the town.  The original windows still have the signature of Walter (last name I forget, but he was pretty important) etched in the glass, you can barely see it in the middle picture.  Of course Charlie was more curious with the trap door to the basement cellar than anything else but he behaved himself enough that the tour guide asked us to come back! And come back we will!


Leanna said...

Cute! It does look more enchanting on a rainy day!

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