Friday, June 27, 2014

Life in Charlotte

We made our move to Charlotte and we love it so far! The city is smaller than Atlanta and the people are even sweeter! The accents are stronger and our neighbors are the best! We have seen blessing after blessing from moving here. To be honest, I was itching for a change from Georgia. I love my family and friends there but I wanted some space, I guess. I think my calling as young women president made me feel heavy-burdened and super busy all the time that I wasn't enjoying other aspects of my life, sadly. I miss my YW and nothing will ever come as close to the experiences I had with them and what they taught me but it has been a relief to be released!! I am young and still learning so much and I always felt inadequate as a leader in such an established ward. There, I said it! My bishop was so sweet and helped me so much to be the leader The Lord needed me to be. I will always cherish Georgia and that season of my life.

Here's our townhome for the next year. It's a two bedroom and cute and cozy with wood floors and white walls. Perfect for decorating! I will show the inside soon!

Loved having my sister visit the first week in Charlotte. Made me feel like home!

        Redneck games in the backyard!

       Our first Sunday in our new ward!!

We made our way down to Atlanta for Mother's Day weekend and Ernesto's graduation.

Decided to try an entry way makeover at Leanna's place. Here's the before...

After. It was fun to spruce up their entryway with finds they already had around the house!

Here we are in the ER with my boy! He was playing hot lava with Azaliea when he fell on the floor(lava) and broke his arm. It was a minor fracture above the elbow.

Coming down to Atlanta was worth this picture right here! So proud of Ernesto for completing his law degree in his second language! 

For my birthday I went to Mac and got a much needed makeover and new makeup too! I felt spoiled!

His elbow was looking good! Time to get it taken off!

Charlie got his cast taken off and we have been in the water playing everyday! We met up with some new friends in Uptown for a fun play date!

My friend Abby has quickly become one of my good friends here! We both moved in within a month of each other and our boys have a blast together! Plus her baby Mia is as adorable as they come!

was called to be activity day leader and we had a summer hairstyles activity recently. This is the best calling to have! The girls love coming, it's only twice a month and they are so fun! I was happy to see half of the girls do the same hairstyle I taught them on Sunday!

We weren't able to be host families for youth conference since my hubbies work schedule didn't allow time off but I was able to help with rides to and from activities. As you can see, two in three girls are giants here!

So that's our life so far here in Charlotte!! Of course, I will cover more soon!


Leanna said...

Yay for a beautiful post!!! You are amazing Tia! So happy that your family is enjoying Charlotte! We certainly miss you here in Atlanta...especially now that it is summer and we have everyday to play with you. Can't wait to see you next week in Savannah!

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