Thursday, August 7, 2014

bee yourself

Summer isn't complete without summer camp in my opinion. My co-leader and I planned a summer day camp this week for the girls 8-11 at church and I am loving every minute.  The theme is "Bee Yourself" and we wanted to put focus on self worth. 
The first day the girls piled into my townhome and we played group games, made goal poster boards and played missionary tag to end the day.  I think it's important to leave the girls on a high note after a day of discussion and projects.
Yesterday the girls met at Latta Plantation for a nature hike and craft. A "naturalist" pointed out every creature, tree and rock and described the history and importance. The girls made their own trail mix before the hike and the girls loved exploring.
Today we have a cooking class that I am currently late for (swim lessons). They will learn to make Italian meatballs ad spaghetti and also a dessert. 
We will end the week with a pool party and lunch.

I hope the girls have learned through the activities we planned to recognize they are a child of God.  That they are important and have been given gifts. I strive to teach self worth in every calling I have because it's a growing problem in our culture. I feel this is one area that I can help others with since I faced this challenge growing up and learned to love myself and realize my potential.


Sheryl said...

What a great experience for these girls! You are blessing their lives sweet girl!

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