Tuesday, August 12, 2014

my southern family

I married into a true Southern family, with deep Southern accents to boot.  We had our first Baggett family reunion this last weekend in Savannah and I wish it didn't have to end.
The Baggett families gathered in the Woodlawn bungalow and ate bbq from Carrey Hilliards, sat around and listened to old stories, watched old family movies from the 1950s, listened to Uncle Mark play delta blues on his guitar, the young loves dancing in the family room when they thought nobody was watching, and for dessert we ate watermelon on the front porch.
Of course, some of my favorite moments of the reunion were not pictured, like when the little boys started jumping in puddles on the quiet street and got soaked from head to toe.  Or when David revealed his overly sunburnt body from a day at the beach!  
Some things I took away from our reunion was the importance of family, especially extended family.  Their experiences, life lessons and wisdom.  I was reminded of what childhood was like in the good ole days when kids played in the backyard all day, everyday and used their imaginations to every extent and how much I want that for little Charlie. 

I am so glad my little Charlie is being raised in the South, with a big Southern family only a few hours away.


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