Saturday, July 5, 2008

First stop: Balboa Island

We ate the famous BALBOA BAR on Marine ave. It's a cube of ice cream on a stick dipped in warm chocolate and you add any topping like almonds, sprinkles, oreo cookie crumbs, dried coconut just to name a few. They were yummy but the company was even BetteR!

There were tons of original, lo
cal owned shops that we peeked in such as a doll shop, balboa candy, but our fav was this funky art shop with bright colored unique art in domestic forms.

We came across this small, local market and we had to take a pic by what inspired our last name... baguettes!!! haha

Next stop: Chevron

We started the car after filling it up and it made a clicking sound so we called everyone we knew in OC and either they were at the beach, working, or didn't have jump-start cables. We forgot we still had AAA so we called them up, and in 15 minutes this guy TED drove by. We got a new car battery installed and our car is driving like a champ!

Next Stop: Huntington Beach

here's Char playing catch with the other moxie boys while the girls sat and watched. Char insisted I take an action shot of him, silly boy!

There was a huge group of us, MOXIE teams from San Diego, Riverside and OC, and we made quite a riot. Above are the engaged couple on our OC team, Lori and Mason... they are adorable. Most of the guys went shopping on main street and bought hundreds of dollars worth of clothes, rainbow sandals and such- yeah, wait till they're married- those hundreds of dollars are spent on getting a new car battery!! All in all, it was a great 4th and I hope yours was good too!


Sheryl said...

Fun fun day with lots of excitement along the way!! so glad you could spend time with your honey and friends!

Todd Family said...

That looks like fun! We love Balboa! now my question to you that really an "action" shot of charlie or is it a "posed action shot?" :)either looks real! :)

the Escobars said...

Carolina y fun! You guys are so good to go out and do fun stuff---thanks for posting more photos. Love the Escobars!

Heidi said...

How fun... I miss the beach so much! so sorry about that car trouble. I swear cars are just money pits

Pedersens said...

You guys are too cute together. Looks like a fun 4th!

MO said...

You two are so cute and adorable, Carolyn, you are beautiful, and Charlie Jr., in the photo with the ice cream, you look like your little cousin, Cameron!

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