Thursday, July 10, 2008

ms. carolyn

where i work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week as the
school-age teacher

they call me ms. carolyn or ms.'C' (usually pronounced missy!)

our class library

my naughty boys ************* my girly girls

me and maddy

this was the best i've ever bowled... 120 using the kiddy bumpers!!

color me mine... one of my favorite field trips yet!

today we had USA spirit day...which turned out to be a total mess!! kids + paint = mess but very fun!

this class went through 5 teachers in the last year and i became their 6th. that should tell you a little bit about the conduct, attitudes, and disrespect these kids had towards adults. i was welcomed to a messy classroom, totally disorganized and kids ready to push every button they thought i had. i was tested and rethought having children for a while jk- let's just say it was hard. i stayed after work a couple of days and organized, sanitized and anything adding an -ized the classroom and decided to start fresh. i implemented new discipline, started the curriculum for the summer and started enjoying my job. went from boys choking other boys, yelling, and teasing the 2nd grader who still wears diapers to... getting along and being friends with everyone- things are getting better. my inner child has come out and i've gotten really good at handball and know every disney channel show and star.
i am soooooo HAPPY being their teacher and i love my kids. this is the most rewarding job i've ever had, my efforts have paid off, i've been so blessed and there's nothing to say but
my cup runneth over.


the Escobars said...

I love this entry Carolina! You are so gifted working with children. I hope that you can finish school to make that happen that way as well. I'm happy that you have found something that touches you and brings out the best in you...that is the best!...discovering what living well as what you are passionate about. Love you and miss you much!

Mellissa and Curtis Hill said...

oh my gosh how fun. i am so so jealous. i can't wait to work!!

Sheryl said...

So cutie, you look absolutely in your element. I loved how you saw what wasn't working and thru your love and dedication turned it around for the best possible experience for your students and you! Miss C - You Rock!

Kate and Peter Lowe said...

That is so neat! What a rewarding learning experience! I'm sure you will be one influential person in those kids lives and definitely one that they will always remember because of how you inspire them to be better! Way to go girl! What an adventure!

Sheryl said...

Thank you so much for your comments on my blog darlin'! I am so glad you enjoyed our camp experiences together. Those are great memories for me too. I first got to know you as Leanna's little sister, then came to know you for you. You have always been a bit quieter, but quiet, sweet and humble. I remember enjoying so much your performing at the high school, and your unassuming grace in sharing your talent. You have a way to bring the spirit with your voice, and I really appreciate you sharing it with me, and with those who are blessed to have you in their lives. It has been a pleasure and a treasure to me to have seen you grow into the great woman you are today. I know the future is going to hold so many blessings for you and your Charlie!

Heidi said...

WOW! are you like "THE teacher"? How fun... sometimes I wish I did something like that. You look like you are in your element for sure!

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