Saturday, July 18, 2009

nesting at 30 weeks

the time has come.
that maternal instinct has kicked in,,, n e s t i n g.
I have 10 more weeks to go and I can't stop thinking about what our baby needs.
I just want everything to be ready, perfectly tidy and clean for his arrival.

I have my 1st baby shower coming up this next week and I'm thrilled!
small note,,,if anyone crochets, these booties would be just delectable on our baby!


Lisa Webb said...

ahh nesting... so exiciting but i remember feeling so stressed too! just enjoy this time! Can't believe he's almost here!! YAY!!!

Heidi said...

love that! the nesting always hit me early... good thing because right before the baby comes... I am way too tired to do anything.
Oh and I LOVE those booties too! way cute!

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