Monday, July 6, 2009

the weekend

Fri. night,,, St. Anthony sand dunes

Charlie is super tough, can't you tell??!

just giving you a look at what I can do at the sand dunes,,, absolutely NOTHING!! haha
even walking up a dune is difficult!!

Sat. morning,,,
Rexburg parade and MONKEY ROCK!!!
monkey rock is one of my favorite spots to go to in the summer.

Next,,, Craigos Pizza and the REXBURG temple

that night,,, fireworks in Idaho Falls
here's one of my bf Jessica

till next year!


Anonymous said...

LUV seeing what you guys are up to!! Looks like so MUCH fun!!

Brian Glenn said...

missy! love the preggy pics.... we need to catch up! How is pregnancy going for you? Have you decided for sure on a name? I miss you!

mommacitabonita said...

you look so cute pumpkin tum! cute name hmmm love you two forever!!!

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