Thursday, January 21, 2010

homemade valentines

sneak peek:
getting ready to dip his feet in paint

can you see a heart?

isn't he handsome?

We decided to get started on Charlie's Valentine's Day cards.
I got the idea from my friend Amber who did this project last year with her infant class,
thanks Amber!
Well, it definitely was NOT easy because like I said in my last post this little guy loves his feet... so we had some close encounters with him trying to sneak his toes in his mouth!
Well, here's a sneak peek for now!


Escobar Family said...

Super cute Carolyn! Can we copy your idea? I also saw Shannon Horton Link do feet print for reindeer antlers for Christmas countdown. Love it! And yes...Mr. Baby Char is so handsome!

grandma moira said...

Baby Char is handsome and so cute, with such a sweet smile!

The Sheffer Home said...

your welcome =). Your baby is adorable Carolyn! I love doing little crafty projects with babies.

Melly Mae, Curt-dowg and B-$$ said...

We do this often for cards for daddy!!! So cute...I love the heart shape idea. I might just have to copy you!!!!

Lindsay said...

I did the same thing with Sydney for last Father's Day only I did it with handprints....not a good idea :) Feet are genious. it takes a few seconds longer to get feet into their mouths rather than hands haha oh and I love his half grin. What a handsome boy!

Melissa + Brett said... are you? Your little man is sooo cute. I didn't even know you had a baby until Rach told me over Christmas Break. Guess I need to peek at your blog more. Cute Valentine's idea. Can't wait to see the finished product.

KuRtIsS and MiChElLe said...

You are the cutest mommy I know.

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