Thursday, January 14, 2010

our visit to the library

my lovely sisters joined us.

Charlie's first books checked out from the library

Today we went to the Provo Library to get library cards and check out books.
It was enchanting and such a fun experience with my little one as we browsed
up and down the aisles looking for the perfect stories to read.
This being our first time to the library we didn't know what to expect.
I must say Provo Library didn't disappoint, they had an entire wing dedicated to children's books and Baby Char was in heaven! This little one loves, loves, loves to read books!
My sister Leanna and I decided to make trips every 2 weeks to the library so if any of you with little ones in the area would like to join us let me know!


grandma moira said...

Wonderful! Fun, fun, fun! We love babies and libraries and books!

KuRtIsS and MiChElLe said...

I love that little, cute baby! And you look so cut your hair?

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Love the babies learning at the library!!! Glad Auntie Cub is studying too, we love and miss our little babies and their mommies!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox gma and gpa

We are... said...

We should TOTALLY join you one of these days! We went the other day, but it was by ourselves. Camden also LOVES to read! I get him sitting with a book and he is trying to turn pages and grab at the pictures! Isn't it fun!? I want to go to one of the baby story times sometime. They are on Fridays at 10 I believe.

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