Friday, February 5, 2010


here's the little one at his 4 month check-up

he currently weighs 13 lbs. 7 oz. (22 percentile)
25 inches long (56 percentile)
head circumference 76 percentile
He is strong, healthy and really the best baby!


Heidi said...

isnt it so great to see such a healthy happy baby! Makes you want another one right? He is just adorable!

Escobar Family said...

such a big boy now...we love you baby char. cousin azaleia can't wait to see you today! she wants to play army men with you. :)

grandma moira said...

A happy day is coming next Sunday for baby char and family and friends! Love to all!

HAYHAY said...

What on adorable 4mon. old!!

P.S. We did pink heart footprints this weekend. They aren't done yet, but they are cute! Thanks for the idea!

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