Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1/2 birthday

My baby is 1/2 a year old!! Where has the time gone?
We thought it would be fun to have some family over for dinner and cake to celebrate.
We had roast beef, potato dumplings, green bean casserole, veggies, salad and a yummy homemade lemon strawberry cake for dessert!
Here's the table my wonderful hubby set, I thought he did a pretty good job!

This last month has brought many firsts!
We went to a combined fhe with quite a few couples from my stake back home and Charlie showed his mad texting skills!

he's starting to sit up on his own with a few falls here and there!

Had his first encounter with a dog, Joey (Vess & Angie's dog) A very cute dog I might add!

of course the Easter egg hunt started as soon as we had to leave to put Charlie down for bed, but here's everyone else!

This wasn't Charlie's first time to a park but he did go on the swing for the first time and loved it!

He would just stare at the sky and was really relaxed on the swing!

he had so much fun when Azzie joined him! They are the best of friends!

Typical Azzie!!

This last month has been wonderful as Baby Charlie has grown so much. We've spent a lot of afternoons going on walks around our neighborhood and going to the park with cousins and friends! My hubby and I love this little boy so much!


Melly Mae, Curt-dowg and B-$$ said...

he is so perfect@ you are an amazing mommy!!! half bdays!??!!! i'm impressed!!!!

Mel :)

mommacitabonita said...

Lovie, your life as a young momma is wonderful and you are taking such good care of our little Char. Gramma and Grammpa love the little guy!!! cute cute cute

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