Monday, March 1, 2010

5 months

Charlie went to his first concert at Velour to watch Aunt Katie and her band perform!
Also went to the theater for the first time to see The Princess and the Frog!

and loves playing with Azzie!

This last month has been so much fun!
some things to remember:
weighs 15 lbs.
loves to suck fingers and toes
recognizes his name
loves the bumbo
loves taking baths
loves brushing his teeth(gums really)
likes to read books and watch baby Einstein
play with cousin Azzie!
watch his mom get ready in the morning
playing in his crib with toys
playing with Daddy
reaches for our food when eating at the table
has bowel movements very regularly!!! haha
is content in bouncy chair when mom cooks or cleans dishes
and takes 3 naps a day!!

things to look forward to: eating solids next month, sitting up, doing baby signs!


Sheryl said...

He is quite adorable, and so blessed to have you for his mommy!

The Sheffer Home said...

carolyn your little boy is SOOO cute! I still havent met him either.. we need to get together sometime and catch up and have our babies meet of course =)

mommacitabonita said...

Sissy, what a sweetie pie, and oh how he has grown. Miss you all so very much, but happy to see you, anytime I want. Love you!!! xoxxoxoxoxxoxox

Katie said...

Your shirt kinda matches the movie theater! CoolCub! :)

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