Sunday, May 9, 2010

Azzie's 1st birthday

what would a party be without my Mom's famous potato salad??

I got to relax a bit while the children were sleeping and got to listen to Katie's band!

Leanna's college friends
Scott & Steph Hathaway

he didn't want to open his eyes for some odd reason

{birthday girl with mom and dad}

My niece Azaleia is so special to me and especially to baby Charlie. They are the best of cousins/friends and it's a joy to watch them interact. Azzie's party was anything short of spectacular with live music and enough cupcakes to feed Provo. Even though me and baby Charlie were sick with the cold we managed to enjoy the party! My hubby stopped by the last 1/2 hour due to his first baseball game of the season. Of course I missed it. Oh, and I missed his first home run of the season! Overall it was a great day spent with family and friends! Azaleia, I can't wait for your next birthday party!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you do for Charlie's first birthday :)

Melly Mae, Curt-dowg and B-$$ said...

holy gorgeous!!! that makes bro's bday bash look soooo weak. love it!!

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