Monday, February 7, 2011

Katie's Utah bridal shower

-the food-

Now, time for presents!

My little sister Katie is getting married in 3 WEEKS!! So, last weekend me and the mother of the groom threw Katie a shower mostly for her fiance's family. It was an emergency preparedness/food storage bridal shower which was my first to attend and help plan! I am so glad we went along with this theme because Katie is set for life. I am so, so happy for my baby sister and can't wait to head to California to prep for the wedding!!


Escobar Family said...

so fun! still can't believe our little Cub is getting married! thanks for posting sissy! azaleia wants to see more pics and videos of her cousin char char. we pray for char char in every prayer. can't wait to see you next week! love you!

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