Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Manti Temple

Our friend Jessica Sorrenson went through the temple on Tuesday and I was invited to attend. She chose the Manti Temple, which is absolutely breathtaking but rather far from Provo. It snowed the night before and I thought the roads would be clear since the sun was out. WRONG... the roads after the Spanish Fork Canyon were all slush for about 45 minutes and driving only 24 mph, I was reluctant to turn around and call it a day. I am not from Utah and am VERY scared of the snow and especially slush on the roads. I said a million prayers that day and thankfully we arrived safely. Only 10 minutes too late that is. I came all that way, drove through the worst roads I've ever experienced to find out I didn't make it. I was pretty disappointed but I had other options. I ended up having one of the most spiritual experiences at the temple that day and I realized something important.
Nothing should keep me from attending the temple.
I am so grateful that we have temples to worship in. To find peace. To find direction.
To strengthen our testimonies. To find out more about our Savior Jesus Christ.


Escobar Family said...

Bummer you missed the session...but how wonderful to have your own spiritual experience. You are such an example to me. Love you and miss you lots!

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