Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We took little Charlie to his first major league baseball game!
I know it was a proud moment for my husband, who has been a dodger fan all his life.
The sun came out and we were toasting in our top deck seats!
We were only at the game for an hour then decided to head home and avoid the traffic.
Little Charlie had a great time and cheered whenever others cheer and clapped when others clapped, he was so darling!


grandma Moira said...

So sweet! Little Char looks perfect in his Dodger shirt! A real fan...just like his Dad!

Lacey Voris said...

So much fun! Looks like a great vacation! Miss you guys!

llcall said...

I hope to take Addison to her first Dodger game this summer. I bleed Dodger blue too and have so many good memories of Dodger stadium!

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