Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Charlie's friend Kegan

{me and my boy}

Kegan and Charlie are the best of buds. Only born a month apart, they have grown up together until this point. Kegan and his parents are moving out of the country for the summer and this makes me so sad. Karen, Kegan's mom, has been a big support to me as we swap babysitting to help finish school assignments, go on date nights and do housework. Not only will Charlie miss his friend Kegan, but I will MISS Karen even more. I told Karen a while ago how funny it would be if these 2 boys reunited again in the college dorms or in the MTC!!
I know that our paths will cross again and Charlie will have his friend Kegan again!


Kyle and Lindsey Carson said...

I can help watch Charlie so you can get school work done... So sad your friends are moving away! The pictures of Charlie and Kegan are so cute!!

Heidi said...

isnt it so nice when they have a close friend? and even better when you get along with the mom ;)

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