Thursday, September 29, 2011

birthday boy

Another year has come and gone and my little boy is now...

Charlie is such a sweet, sweet boy.
He loves babies and likes kissing them on the cheek.
He loves his cousin Azzie and wants to be with her every day.
He loves reading books and going to story-time at the library.
He loves to dance.
He loves to cuddle with mommy.
He loves running around at the park with his dad.
He loves his Grandparents. So. Much.
He loves playing the drums with Uncle Nate.
He loves having his own hymn book at church.
He loves eating spaghetti or any pasta for that matter.
I will stop here, since it's a long list!


Marianne said...

Happy birthday Lil Char! He is such a happy little man!

Lacey Voris said...

Happy Birthday Char! Such a big boy!

Anna Peterson said...

Awww Charlie! We miss that boy! Cute pictures too Carolyn. Hope it was a wonderful day.

Bagget Grands said...

Happy Birthday Char chi! So happy and sweet and growing bigger every day!

Katie Dellenbach said...

Happy Birthday Char Char!!! Love Auntie Cub

Leannita said...

Happy Birthday little Char! We are so excited to go to your birthday party tomorrow. Azzie loves you so much! Tia and Tio too!

mommacitabonita said...

We can't call you Baby Char any more!! You're such a big birthday boy! Happy Birthday Char Char!! We're glad you get to play with your Georgia Grands!! We miss you much!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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