Friday, May 25, 2012

St. George getaway

 My dad, Aunt Karin, Leanna, Azzie, Little Charlie and I headed to St. George for a 3 day getaway.
We went to a park downtown and rode the carousel.

he was very scared of the moving horses.
we ended up on the bench.

 making a quick stop to get some yarn.

Next stop...
Zions National Park

No, I wasn't dressed for Zions.  I had my hair down, makeup on, long pants, a black shirt and flats.  I got a few stares as everyone else was dressed to hike and should I mention...sweat. 
My dad told us that we were going to ride the tram all the way around the park and that is what we did.  
We were in the park a total of 3 hours.  
We didn't get off to "hike" or even see the scenery!  
If you have kids, it was a great little adventure from our window seats!!
In all honesty, I would love to go on a few hikes in Zions and feel bad that we took the park for granted with a tram ride.  Maybe next time without kids.


Leanna said...

How special! Those pics are so beautiful!!! Love that we had a Grandpa experience.

KJ and Michelle said...

Wait a second!!!! You were that close and I didn't get to see you???!!!! AHHH! SOOOO sad. I need to call you, like, badly. Every time I think of it its when Sophia is in bed and then I realize the time difference...blah. I love you! Call you soon!

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