Tuesday, June 5, 2012

these days...

We are home most of these days.
Getting this rascal potty trained is on our agenda, EVERY day!
Right after we got home from our California visit, he has been begging to use the potty.
So, we jumped in and he is doing great!!
I thought it was going to be really hard with a boy, 
but he was ready and understood how to sit on the toilet and go.
At first, I had a jar full of mini M&Ms that I would reward him for going #1.
Once he mastered that, I only give him M&Ms for going #2.
I'm not sure if this works for other toddlers, but it works for him.


Babs and Gampy said...

That's some handsome guy running around in his undies. I'm not sure he'll appreciate you posting these when he is in his teens! Love you bunny!!

Leanna said...

Cute picture! So expressive! He looks so cute in his chonies!

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